Veterans Hearing Fund Application Process

The Veterans Hearing Fund application process is in two stages.

Stage 1 Eligibility

The first stage assesses the veteran’s eligibility for funding.

For The Royal British Legion to determine eligibility the veteran must complete a Stage 1 Eligibility Form and where applicable, provide any documented evidence of hearing loss such as:-

  • War pension AFCS award for hearing loss.
  • Lump sum payment for hearing loss.
  • Applied for compensation for your hearing loss, however although refused, it was accepted that the hearing loss was acquired during Service.
  • Provided hearing aids by the MOD.
  • Have service medical records that show hearing loss.

Applicants who do not have any of the evidence listed above or do not have a copy of their Service Medical records must complete a Subject Access Request form (SAR) which is submitted to the appropriate MOD Service Records Office. Veterans Hearing Support will provide all the required forms as well as full guide and support throughout the whole application process.

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Stage 2

The most important part of Stage 2 is telling us that you had your Stage 1 eligibility approved. After that we will organise your Stage 2 hearing assessment and report. We have to do this report. If we don’t, we cannot continue to support you through your application process.

Additionally, if you, or someone you know, has a Stage 1 approval, we can also complete the Stage 2 report for them.

If The Royal British Legion panel approve the Stage 1 eligibility, Veterans Hearing Support will organise for a local independent audiologist to carry out a hearing and listening assessment and complete alongside the veteran a Stage 2 application form. Our assessments are designed to truly understand the veterans hearing, listening and communication abilities and recommend the most appropriate hearing technology, assistive listening devices and therapies for the veteran and their lifestyle. The Stage 2 application report will then be submitted by Veterans Hearing Support to The Royal British Legion for panel review.

If the Stage 2 application is approved, Veterans Hearing Support will then arrange with the local independent audiologist to fit the recommended hearing technology and arrange any required therapies. The audiologist will then provide a full ongoing aftercare service to the veteran with the assistance of Veterans Hearing Support. At no point will the veteran be required to pay for anything, it is all covered by the VHF.

Please note that the VHF is unable to reimburse applicants for previously purchased equipment. For any questions relating to The Royal British Legions Veterans Hearing Fund or to start your application process please fill out the form below or call us on 0800 861 1102

General FAQ

How does the process work?

It’s a two-step process but don’t worry, we take you through the whole application process including assessing your hearing at Stage 2 and provide full audiology support.

Stage 1

Eligibility Application (this may also require an application for your medical records from the MOD by completing a Subject Access Request form SAR).

Once the Stage 1 form has been received by the RBL they will assess eligibility. If approved, you will then be sent the Stage 2 application.

Stage 2

Application and Audiological Hearing and Communication Assessment

Once you have been approved at Stage 1, the RBL will request that you organise your hearing assessment. This is required for the completion of Stage 2. We will organise the assessment and complete the forms for you.

We have a national network of Veterans Hearing Fund trained Audiologists to assess you hearing and communication needs. Our audiologists will make the recommendations for the technology that will meet your hearing and lifestyle requirements and improve your quality of life. Once the Stage 2 form has been sent to the RBL it will go to the VHF panel for approval. If approved, we will organise the order and fitting of the approved technology as well as ongoing support.

How long does the whole process take?

On average, it can take 9-12 months to complete the whole process. The total time required will depend on whether an application for medical records is required.

Will I need to request my medical records from the MOD?

If you meet the criteria below, then it may not be necessary to apply for your medical records. This will reduce the total time for the process by an average of 4-6 months.

  • War pension or AFCS award for your hearing loss
  • Lump sum payment for your hearing loss
  • The MOD accept the hearing loss was caused by Service
  • Hearing aids provided through the Defence Audiology Service

What happens if I do not have a copy of my medical records?

If you do not have a copy of your Service Medical records, you must complete a Subject Access Request form. We will provide all the forms required in order to apply for your medical records.