Tinnitus – Hidden Epidemic

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is warning of a ‘hidden epidemic’ of isolation amongst the millions living with the condition in the UK.

61% of people with tinnitus say their condition makes them feel isolated. This according to a survey of UK adults conducted by the charity.
Veterans suffer from higher rates than the general public as a result of the noise levels they encounter while in the service. Those noises include gunfire, machinery, aircraft, and much more.

British Tinnitus Association

David Stockdale, chief executive of the BTA, said: “When people hear the word tinnitus, they tend to think only about the condition’s main symptom. Above all, the noise people hear in their ears or their head.

“However, the wider impact it can have on people’s lives is less understood by the public and GPs alike. Many people feel isolated and unable to talk to their loved ones or colleagues about their condition.

“We hear stories of people avoiding social situations, suffering problems with relationships and being unable to sleep, too.

“It really is a hidden epidemic that’s not spoken about enough. It’s something we need to tackle fast by equipping the estimated six million people who have the condition, with the right tools and techniques to manage it and everything that comes with it.”

Approximately 1.05 million GP tinnitus consultations take place in the UK every year. Consequently the treatment path for the condition costs the NHS £750m.

If you have tinnitus and would like some help or advice, then contact us at Veterans Hearing Support.

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