How it Works

The Royal British Legion Veterans Fund (VHF) aims to reduce disadvantage to veterans, both regular and reservist. The fund is available to provide the most appropriate and up to date hearing technology to support quality of life and wellbeing outside of NHS provision, as well as technology and therapies to support the hearing aid technology such as:

  • assistive listening devices
  • assistive listening therapies
  • lip reading
  • tinnitus support

The VHF, in line with the Armed Forces Covenant and the principle of ‘no disadvantage’, provide an opportunity to access these technologies and therapies, to those who have lost hearing in the course of their service.

This could mean providing less conspicuous ‘in the ear’ hearing technology, Bluetooth streamers to link hearing aids to household items such as a television, baby monitor or mobile phone, or a lip-reading or tinnitus course. Because it’s all about minimising disadvantage and making everyday life easier for the veteran and their families.

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Working closely with The Royal British Legion, we provide all UK based ex-servicemen and women a complimentary Hearing and Listening Assessment and full guidance and support through The Royal British Legion’s Veterans Hearing Fund application process.

At Veterans Hearing Support we understand the importance of good hearing health and the impact hearing loss can have. Not just on the veterans themselves but also family, friends and work colleagues.
Consequently this can affect quality of life. Even more so when it comes to social interactions, relationships, job prospects and mental health and wellbeing.

It is our pleasure to be working alongside The Royal British Legion to promote the VHF and work with veterans to give them the very best information and advice about their hearing. We cover the options and guide the veteran through the Veterans Hearing Fund application process as smoothly and efficiently as possible, in order to achieve what we hope will be a successful outcome.