Eight Facts about Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is clearly a much wider problem than most people imagine. Our infogram shows some of the critical statistics of an issue that goes beyond the symptoms, such as tinnitus. Remember that hearing aids can assist with most hearing loss issues. We can help veterans get funding to acquire the very best technology for hearing loss and tinnitus suited to them.

Hearing Aids

Clearly the real problem is that we are not addressing the issue of hearing loss properly. The key is not to wait the average of ten years before getting a hearing test.

8 Facts About Hearing Loss

We specialise in helping UK veterans with their hearing and tinnitus. In 2015 the Royal British Legion launched the Veterans Hearing Fund to support veterans with hearing loss and associated difficulties such as tinnitus. There is an application process to go through to access the Veterans Hearing Fund. We can take you right through that process. Take action and apply now!

There are very obvious benefits from starting this process now. Establishing if you need hearing aids is course the number one point. Taking action now can also make immediate improvements to your general health and wellbeing as well as quality of life.

We’ll soon be publishing another infogram that includes important long term consequences of untreated hearing loss. Like most major health conditions, the sooner we act the better, waiting until the long term affects become symptomatic only complicates the issue.

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